What to expect when working with me?

If you ask me to make illustrations you will have the right to publish my work once in the agreed book or newspaper in exchange for the agreed fee. You will be charged a 'production fee' for the creation and a 'copyright fee' for the copyrights of the image(s). When you would like to republish it later, you are obliged to inform me and you will be charged again, but then just for the 'copyright fee'.

If you like me to paint or draw after pictures or other reference material you deliver me, you are fully responsible that I can use this in a free manner. If permission is required by the titleholders or the creators of this material, you are responsible for obtaining that permission.

A complete version of my General Terms and Conditions can be send to you by e-mail on request.
Or you will find it on the rear side of my quotes and invoices.